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Hire us to plan your next event. In addition to consulting, planning, and branding, we are experts in experiential marketing. We understand a brand is much more than a logo – it’s your company’s personality and overall image. We plan your events with this in mind; every detail will reflect the great brand image of who you are and what you value. We guarantee that people will leave your events knowing more about your company than when they arrived.

We focus on bringing your community and your business together. Whatever your event need is, we will put your brand at the forefront of our planning and execution. We will work with you to plan an event that engages people while making them aware of your mission. If we are not the ones directly executing the event (remote clients needing a plan over execution) we will provide you with a detailed daily run through so your event will be successful.

In addition to planning your events, we also invite you to ours! We host both live and virtual events. Our events focus on giving you the skills you need to succeed. At our events, you will learn the five steps to push business growth forward.

We host these events multiple times throughout the year. Be sure to follow our socials to learn when each are happening.

The first step any entrepreneur should take before the securing of a company name or logo is to hire a brand strategist. There are several good reasons to take this step, and take it seriously, but the ultimate reason this is one of your greatest investments is because great products and great services can not out market a poorly and improperly messaged brand.

Think about it this way…you do not want to send out to market a value proposition for a concept, product, or service that you believe has 6 or 7-figure revenue potential, but only invest a few bucks on logo design. The belief and value you have in your brand are reflected in how carefully you invest in breathing life into that brand.

Taking the right steps in brand development requires strategy, clarity, and execution with a team of professionals that will spend the time with you to get it right “out of the gate”. The business owners that are the most patient with this phase of marketing are the most successful.

The second step smart entrepreneurs engage in involves writing out goals and objectives for going to market. The strongest plans that deliver the smartest performance and solid execution include plans that are integrated. Businesses need to have a marketing strategy that offers a well balanced combination of both print and digital  marketing and media strategies with a simple plan that aligns with their current budget and business goals for short term success. One of the leading causes of death to small business is siloed marketing endeavors.  

Example: Sally Mae is ready to launch her new architecture firm. She has recently completed a naming and identity workshop with her brand strategist. Her current marketing budget is $15k. She wants to execute fast  because she is missing out on local bids for that month. Without researching, she goes full speed and  hires a big web agency to do her site. She thinks they know more so she trusts they will do her right. 

No plan. No clarity on who her ideal client actually is. No nailed down value propositions that differentiate  her from 15 other local competitors, and the result is major inconsistencies across platforms. The message lacks  value so she experiences a near total waste of her entire budget. The website she overpaid for has zero  e-commerce, no lead generation and no optimized web presence. And later she finds it was just a $49  template with a few images changed out. Donʼt be Sally Mae!


The 3RD step, perhaps intimidating if you have zero budget, but is necessary for launching your business well.  There are three lies business owners often believe when they ready, set-go…and they are: 

  • I can save money and do it all myself 
  • I canʼt afford to pay anyone so I am all alone in this endeavor 
  • I can handle the details for business planning and marketing later, because I need money NOW! 


Well, let me give you some good news!! There are affordable and even FREE resources available nationwide.  • 


Most small businesses require a small business mentor, a sales lead, and a marketing consultant to go the distance. Open the gate for your business by reaching out to someone that can get you connected to consultants and work to find one that is the right fit for your organization.

Commit to strategy, reach out for help, and assign a process that will move you forward. Elements that show signs of progress include:
• A repeatable process
• Leadership strong enough to pay forward the value of what you have learned
• Organization is a priority
• Weekly planning and progress, evaluation, and redirection
• Timeline review for proper sales forecasting and analytics evaluation at least every quarter

The most valuable part of your business is YOU! You are the data. The data forms the framework and the framework drives the strategy. The guidance you receive along the way creates focus. Focusing on the right things with the right plan allows you to relate, respond, adjust, repeat. The data you gather through a strategic systematic process executes results and online growth.

Starting out is incredibly hard. You will not have the money to do it all. You can do it cheap and good, fast and more expensive, or slow, superb, and budgeted, but regardless of which path you choose to follow the above steps, you absolutely do NOT want to skip steps when you execute.

A real story:

I met with a client two years ago. I walked her through these steps. She was getting ready to execute on hiring an agency to do her brand and website. The last thing I said to her is this: “Donʼt sign anything on your own. Let me have a chance to guide you through it and see that the offer is solid, full of integrity, no hidden mysteries with technical jargon, and is written by strong legal counsel that has the benefit of all parties in mind.”

She got slammed with business and PR opportunities that she could not pass up. She jumped right in on the web proposal because her gut told her this was the right place to do her marketing. I heard from her several months later after several thousand dollars were spent with very little ROI. We got her redirected. When it comes to wisdom and experience, nothing is wasted, but we want to guide you down your path so that you avoid these land mines and establish a clearer path forward, saving your time, talent, and treasure.

You should ALWAYS own all of your assets and NEVER hire anyone that does not establish this with itemized details in writing.
• Buy Your Own Domain
• Buy Your Own Hosting
Only contract web design and development
• Make sure your platform allows for features and
functionality for fully abundant digital marketing,
which includes:
• Lead generation/Tools for building an audience
• Integrated Blog and Narrative Platform
• Comprehensive content marketing strategy