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Unsworth Marketing Group is a consulting firm that specializes in business consulting, marketing services, and staying open during any plandemic! We are unapologetically in favor of freedom, liberty, and the constitution of the United States of America! Our team leader, Keri Unsworth, fosters an atmosphere of zero fear of man, a bold stand for truth, and delivering exactly what we promise in every agreement!

The Unsworth Marketing Group team is led by CEO and President Keri Ann Unsworth.  Keri has over 22 years of marketing expertise as well as a proven track record in helping businesses grow. Unsworth Marketing Group is located at 815 Robin Drive in Seneca, South Carolina. Our office hours are by appointment only 6 A.M. until 7 P.M. Monday through Friday.  We are a boutique agency that only works with 100 clients per year. 

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The location for Unsworth Marketing Group, LCL. at 815 Robin Drive is very special. This building years ago was a day-care for children. The building was vacant for many years. County Councilman for District 4, Julian Davis, has a heart for making something new out of something old. This neighborhood area is close to the Utica Mill Hill and subdivisions that are near Northside Elementary. Julian’s children have been students at Northside Elementary and he really wanted to see this building be renovated in a way that would lift up the community. He bought the building in October of 2021 and finished the renovation in record time at the end of April. In February, Unsworth Marketing Group began to discuss opportunities in Seneca, South Carolina and our team wanted to relocate to Seneca, South Carolina and move our office location from Patrick Square in Clemson, South Carolina back closer to home. 

We outgrew our 600 square feet at Patrick Square and began to look at opportunities in Seneca. The location for Unsworth Marketing Group is a reflection of our brand, who we are, and what we do.  The community and investments in our local community are very important to us. 

Several years ago one of President Keri Unsworth’s colleagues, Shannon Holland, wanted to buy this building and turn it back into an after school care facility.  However, when Keri and 

Shannon looked at the property together, the realization that the renovations needed were overwhelming and not realistic for either of them, the property continued to sit on the market.  About the time businesses began to reopen and our team located in Patrick Square in June of 2021, Julian Davis pursued purchasing the property.  During a meeting in Clemson, some colleagues questioned why our business was located in Seneca. Prior to 2022, we never were able to secure a location that made sense for us financially. However, we quickly outgrew the space at Patrick Square.  We mentioned that we would be leasing the office next to us, in addition to the one above Kite Hill Brewing, during a meeting and we were offered the opportunity to come and look at 815 Robin Drive.  The first visit Keri explored the property and the building had a long way to go. Julian Davis was working on the renovation with his crew day in and day out. He did so much of the work himself and by February when the drywall was up and the ceiling was fixed, we started to research the area and determined it actually would be a great fit for our brand.  Our CEO, Keri Unsworth, has been building a systematic approach to train and mentor students for many years. In this space, we can easily accommodate team growth and stronger support to meet our clients needs with an in house studio, call center, and room to brainstorm projects. Being adjacent to the best Allstate Agency in South Carolina, working alongside Julian Davis has been a blessing to our team. 


New Office Location For The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Seneca, SC, 29672

When our signs went up Keri Unsworth and her team realized this is a permanent office location for Unsworth Marketing Group. The commitment is tremendous and we do not take this lightly. We are excited about partnering with the City of Seneca and Oconee County in South Carolina to help businesses prosper. Even though we rank as a top agency all the way to Greenville, South Carolina, our team serves the Oconee County community. We have participated and used our influence to fundraise for over 17 years and helped raise close to $1,000,000 for several non-profits in Oconee, Anderson, Greenville, and Pickens Counties. Unsworth Marketing Group, LLC. gives back to the community and we help grow businesses that provide jobs and strong employment that strengthens the economic position of our area. 

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