Womens Success Summit GraphicHere at Unsworth Marketing group, we give you the tools you need to carry out our consulting, planning, and branding strategies. After servicing nearly 1000 businesses and organizations, we have developed a method for what works; we’ve taken and compiled the best of the ebay practices and put it into a teachable method.

Our expert marketers will teach you how to succeed in your industry and the steps that are guaranteed to work. After learning alongside us, you will possess the knowledge and tools to succeed long term without us by your side forever. When you invest in us short term, you are investing in your company long term.

When you leave our seminar, you will leave with practical next steps to take. We give you four practical questions that guide the rest of your marketing plan. We are literally handing you the tools for a strong foundation which will guide you in long term success. All you need to do is accept and come to our seminars.

We teach a patented five step marketing process. We walk you through each step through seminars filled with local and national business owners. We teach these seminars throughout the year to give you the tools you need; our goal is not to force you into co-dependency on our agency, but rather train you up to utilize the assets we give you for long term success and a constant return on investments. You will learn the most effective processes and use of your time in order to gain back the margin in your business.

We offer both in person and online seminars. Our in-person seminars are held directly in our office located in Clemson, South Carolina.

Our seminars occur throughout the year. Follow our social to learn when they are happening.

After taking our seminar, you will be able to successfully utilize email marketing, internet marketing, mobile marketing, and video marketing. By simply being exposed to our 5 steps, you will be more than well equipped to grow in all these marketing mediums. Come get a taste of what it looks like to go through consulting, strategic planning, and branding with Unsworth Marketing Group.

Many times, companies have established their company, but have skipped crucial steps in building a strong foundation. These problems include a lack of patience, skipping our crucial steps (always addressed in our seminars), fear of financial investments, not knowing where to start, being fearful of marketing agencies, not knowing the right timing or right steps to take. In these seminars, we will work to identify your company’s personal pain points and how our five step process can fix and fill these gaps. We show you how to properly invest your resources to move you to the top of consumers’ minds and Google search pages.

Consumers do not give companies business unless they trust their brand. We teach you how to build a trustworthy brand that properly conveys your company’s image and personality in order to boost your business and grow your return on investment. We look at who you are and how to connect your why to your brand and to consumers’ minds. We teach you how to design your goals toward your brand aesthetics and how to keep track of reaching those.

The biggest way to build trust is to identify and showcase your why. We help you look bigger than you are and build a company people desire to work for. Your why will translate to your team and the culture your business operates within. You will learn the power of no in your business. We teach you how to honor your time and your team’s time by clearly mapping out your services and scope of work.

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We identify how you’re different.

This goes beyond your logo and beyond your personal impression on people; rational skills are not easy to duplicate and therefore cannot be the base of your business. We identify the aspects that are valuable and duplicatable to help you scale and grow your business. This outlines the realistic steps needed to grow your business and attain your goals.

We provide you with the seven pillars of business and teach you how to apply them to your company. This process is from our founder, Keri Unsworth’s, nationally ranked business coach. We teach you how to map out the way you do things and how to put a system in place. We focus on owned, paid, and earned media and train you based on your skills. We assess what you are doing now, what you should be doing, and how to adapt for the long term path ahead.

We teach you the most valuable way to build your website and what to include within it so you rank and come up before the competition. Gone are the days of super fancy marketing. People desire authentic marketing and we teach you how to do it and duplicate it.

Along with giving you the necessary tools, we also teach you how to evaluate each action you take so you are able to quantify the value of everything you do. If you cannot track it, we do not teach it. We help you implement a weekday schedule that gives you the specific tasks to accomplish each day. Learn the specifics of Me Mondays, Testimonials and Sales Funnel Tuesdays, Hootsuite Humpdays, Trifecta Thursdays, and Follow Up Fridays.

We teach you how to guard your time and your work-life balance. We tell you what to focus on each day and what to avoid. We even teach how to avoid things that are hard to say no to based on your industry and what’s more important.

We want your business to succeed. We believe in this method and have seen its fruit time and time again. We teach you how to avoid codependency on a marketing agency and how to establish a team that is not codependent upon you. We know what to duplicate and how to duplicate the most successful practices and want you to do the same. You will learn how to grow your business, kill your competition, and set yourself up for manageable long-term success.