Unsworth Marketing Group is your key to major growth through consulting, strategic planning, and personalized branding.

We provide businesses with consulting, planning, and branding strategies to boost their online presence and overall revenues. We provide expert guidance to help you reach your goals and get you to where you’ve always wanted to be.

Our expert team will personally meet with you to set the plan, but also show the results. We review your KPIs every 30 days as proof of our methods and your growth. Smart businesses have comprehensive plans that begin with a strong brand identity.

We cater to both local businesses and on a national level to push any business toward online growth.

As we see it as the most effective timeline for consulting, planning, and branding, we typically work based on twelve month agreements. Although we do offer shorter agreements windows based on your business model.

We start at the foundation and build up. From the first time we sit down with you, the success of your business is at the forefront of our minds. We evaluate the strengths and pain points within your company and consult you on how to eliminate and duplicate as needed. From there we will develop a customized plan to lay out action steps that push your business to the top of search pages and people’s minds. A strong business is one that knows who they are and where they want to go. We help you clearly define your brand beyond just the logo. We help you get clear on your brand’s image, personality, and values.

I just wanted to share with you a quick update about digital marketing trends and what is happening that is different from before and unprecedented. We are getting a lot of calls both on a local level, but also from national league, C-Suite level executives and want to share with you some common patterns and pain points that we think a simple plan can help most businesses address and get started so that they can thrive in 2022.

There’s three things we do that we teach our clients that always work. The first is to establish a foundation. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses over the years have resisted the digital world- especially storefronts. What we find, whether a startup or having been in business for 25 years is that no matter the income, from half a million dollar companies all the way up to multimillion dollar companies, the foundation from the beginning of the branding strategy to the execution of online growth is not solid.

Now more than ever, businesses are discovering the importance of making sure they have a solid foundation with their online presence. Websites need to be reindexed and audited – if it’s been more than a year since you initially launched your website, you need to have a website audit performed. You need to test your SEO, your search engine optimization, and your keywords compared to your content. You need to see what your online presence looks like.

If you do not have an online presence, you need to establish branding strategy and a strategic marketing plan that will fully integrate social media and online tools that line up with your business goals and objectives. Establishing a strong foundation begins with branding strategy. We teach a five step class that helps businesses understand that branding strategy is way more than a logo.

A logo is not a brand. Branding strategy includes brand voice, brand perception, and brand identity. There’s a full five step process to establish a branding strategy so that your foundation is solid. From there, your branding is solid with a brand identity and an image that properly conveys to whoever your customer is. This messaging needs to be done in a way that appropriately targets specific audiences. Prior to this you need to have your market segments figured out.

You need to revisit how solid your foundation is. This goes from your branding all the way to your online image across all online platforms including social media and your website.

The second step is assembling a team. We know that current events in the world have tremendously impacted the labor market. Because of this, a lot of companies are struggling on how to execute on current demand and sustain their business. We are discovering a lot of businesses need help staffing, with business development, and desire coaching regarding how to make a good hire and how to assemble the right team.

If you will establish a strategic marketing plan that lines up with a current business plan for 2022, it will help you identify where current gaps are in your team. Once you identify where those gaps are and the priorities that you have in your marketing plan, you want to line up who you hire with the things in your marketing plan to see the greatest impact for your return on investment.

The third step is duplicating a process that works. Once you have a strategic marketing plan and the right team in place, you can tell your marketing activity where to go. Once you have about 90 days of data, you will learn, based on what the data tells you, what is working well both online and offline with whatever traditional marketing you may have in place. You will use this data to determine what you need to let go of and how to duplicate and invest in the things that work. We will work with you to transition your budget to do more of the things that work so that you can expand and optimize results for your marketing return on investment.

To Recap: establish a foundation, assemble a team by making good hires, and duplicate the processes that work. If you will identify one or two things that make the greatest impact on your numbers and grow that from quarter to quarter, you will have a stronger business at the end of 2022. For more information on strategic marketing and coaching, please reach out to our team.