Keri Unsworth

My name is Keri Unsworth. I am the CEO and founder of Unsworth Marketing group and we help businesses identify the gaps in their foundational strategic marketing plan and from there we help them grow online.  

What sets Unsworth Marketing group apart from other digital marketing agencies is really about the relationship that we have with our clients. We work with you one on one to help you navigate the path towards results that increases your marketing return on investment and really at the end of the day what we do for you as we help you fix all of the problems that are hindering your business from growing online. Unsworth marketing group was founded in 2010 after I spent over 10 years in corporate America working for an international company and the electric water and gas industry in product marketing and corporate branding. I worked in product marketing, sales, I worked with the engineering teams, product development, as well as the corporate marketing team on an international level.

Basically, when I stepped out after I had my son in 2009, my desire was to travel less and be more available to my family but I wanted to take the marketing expertise that I have and use it to help businesses grow. Normally, agency marketing can often cost in the thousands and so I found a niche opportunity with a 5 step system that we developed called the “Do it Yourself Five Step Proven Marketing System” where we train businesses how to use our system so that they get better online results without spending thousands of dollars. So often, the clients that come our way have either overspent on their marketing and not gotten results or they simply just don’t know where to start with their marketing budget. So we help businesses of all sizes navigate that but we can guarantee growth and we guarantee online results with our proven system. 

Our no-brainer offer for any small business is for 18,000 a year or 1500 on a month-to-month basis. We guarantee you online growth and online results that are going to really excel your business forward that is also proven to generate good strong marketing return on investment. 

Make sure to subscribe to our Unsworth Marketing YouTube channel. Give us a call at 864-933-6733 or you can email us at hello@unsworthmarketing.com and we look forward to connecting with you.